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Sessions from June 3 until september. 28, 2019

In 2018 the work projects of preservation will include 3 main efforts:

-The most important effort will be to maintain and improve dry stone terraces and to establish gardens there. This work will involve leveling the soil behind terrace walls to prevent erosion, collection and transport of stones to consolidate terrace walls, repair of terrace walls, planting indigenous plants, and maintaining niches for insects, birds, and small animals.

-Exposing and securing the foundations of medieval fortifications on the castle hillside and maintaining paths leading to the castle.Preservation of the environment surrounding La Sabranenque.

Work to be done for the volunteer site

1° Terracing of terraces so as to prevent gullying by water

Search for stones and transport to consolidate the low walls

Consolidation of existing walls

Planting native plants Shelter constructions for small wildlife

2 ° Release of the bases of old fortifications on the hill and maintenance of the access road to the castle

3 ° Preservation of the environment around the Sabranenque

4 ° There exists in the medieval village a variety of tree "l'Ailante du Japon" beautiful tree of 10 to 15 meters high which has a defect to infiltrate its roots in the sub soil to reappear, by small strains, everywhere and push the pavements and foundations. If we do not touch the big trees, every year we must fight to eliminate the rebellious regrowths that undermine the preservation of the medieval village.

La Sabranenque is located at Saint Victor la Coste in southern France.  This small village is between Nîmes and Avignon.  The la Sabranenque Association has restored the medieval part of the village which includes a castle which overlooks the old village surrounded by the castle ramparts.
The restauration projects at la Sabranenque offer the opportunity to live and learn in an authentic site and to profit from work training through active participation.