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Traditional techniques of building paths in the old village - Construction of terraces in dry stones, which consist in building walls without mortar - Construction of walls in built stones (with mortar) - Clearing and garden in terrace - Updated by former walls of defense.

The projects of restoration of la Sabranenque offer the opportunity to live an authentic experience and a personal learning in  an active participation.

One day

Breakfast taken between 8h and 8h 30

From 8h30 to 11h30 worksite: the activity depends on the time, the period. In work there is a place for everyone, whatever his strength, everyone can express himself, every gesture given is important. The project offers the opportunity to agree to the place.

At the end of the morning the whole team is in the kitchen to finish the preparation of the meal and take a seat at the table afterwards. The afternoon is free but you can also discover the flora of the village or go for a walk in the scrubland

  It is a very strong life because the sharing is complete and being together in all the tasks allows a real meeting and a solidarity