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Avignon, Provence

Avignon - "The palais des papes" from Villeneuve les Avignon.

Avignon - "The palais des papes" from Villeneuve les Avignon.

The city of Avignon is situated about 30 Km from Saint Victor, on the other side of the Rhône river.  The “Pope’s City” gives you the opportunity to discover a rich and diverse architectural heritage, if you wish to visit the city while you are in the area.
The theatre festival of Avignon, including other dancing, and musical spectacles takes place the whole month of July.
Things to discover:
The Pope’s Palace, 14th century, the St Bénezet Bridge (the pont d’Avignon), 12th century, the ramparts surrounding the city, the garden “des Doms”, the palace “du Roure”…
Wine and Food :

Avignon is the capital of the côtes du Rhône wine...
Due to the microclimate, the diverse soils and variety of grapes, the Rhone Valley is the home of  many full bodied yet subtle wines.  These vineyards stretch the length of the Rhone valley, from Vienne to Valence, and from the wild countryside of Languedoc all the way to Ventoux.
...And Provencal Dishes:
Ratatouille, eggplant casserole, aioli, fruits and vegetables, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, various herbs, olive oil, sweets covered in chocolate, and oregano flavoured liqueur.

(Sources from the official city of Avignon site)