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La Sabranenque international work project in Provence


La Sabranenque international welcomme

La Sabranenque is a not-for-profit association created in 1969 with the goal of safeguarding the heritage of the medieval part of the village of Saint Victor la Coste, of restoring it, and of creating a center of international hospitality.

The experience of La Sabranenque comes from many years of learning and teaching traditional techniques to protect rural heritage, of welcoming people from different countries and cultures, of solidarity, of sharing between people and the place, between manual tasks and words, between very precise organization and the participation of individuals according to their abilities, between the rigor of traditional duties and the conviviality of shared meals.



Working with international teams, la Sabranenque has welcomed each year for more than 40 years volunteers of all ages, coming from many different countries.  This mixture of generations and nationalities has been a source of richness for all the participants and for the village.