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Accomadation and meals for Volunteers at Sabranenque



Restored over the years by La Sabranenque, our stone houses typical of the local medieval Mediterranean style open onto courtyards, paved passageways, terraces, all paths of discovery.  Lodgings in these houses are comfortable, clean, and simple.  Volunteers have double occupancy rooms near shared accommodations with hot water.  There is a fire alarm system and all national norms of safety are in practice.  One separate building has a professional kitchen and dining rooms.



Meal preparation is a group effort led by the staff.  We enjoy a family style Mediterranean cuisine with seasonal produce.  Volunteers who help in the kitchen can learn regional cuisine which is known for being tasty and healthy.

Meals are taken on an open-air shaded terrace near the kitchen.  Meals are convivial gatherings with animated discussions and laughter followed by group dishwashing and clean-up.