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Volonteer work in France in Provence-

Historical and Natural Preservation -

  August 30,2019 Sabranenque stops registration
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June 3  to   september 28- 2019

Sessions of one week (or more than one) participating price 300 euros / week 


 For 50 years La Sabranenque  has welcomed Thousands of international  volonteers who work to safeguard the medieval  part of the village of Saint Victor la Coste near Avignon. These thousands of volunteers of all ages and from many countries have restored and saved this once abandoned hamlet.

Nestled at the foot oh a hill, this hamlet, La Sabranenque, is unique for its heritage ( Village houses, defensive fortress, small roads) and for the strength wich resides there gained trough the cooperation, friendship, and laughter of the thousands of volunteers who give it life.

The construction of the large structures is done. Now remains the task of maintaining this community's traditions by welcoming volonteers during the summer who work to protect it against brush fires and invasive vegetation, to uncover and secure structural vestiges, and to etablish gadens. Help us preserve this extraordinary place of calme and cooperation.

At la Sabranenque the volonteers appreciate team work and the individual abilities of their co-volunteers and they enjoy giving time for the sake of beauty and tradition

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Stays of one week (or more) from Monday to Saturday, includes work project, lodging, and meals (price 300 euros /week)