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Published in Thursday, May 19, 2016 The september 12-17 session is full,you can join us, Read

Volunteer Historic Preservation Work Project Vacances in Provence

June 6-Sept.24 Sessions - 360 US$/week

Since 1969, la Sabranenque has welcomed volunteers from many countries to work for the preservation of the medieval of Saint Victor la Coste, near Avignon. Long abandoned, this village was in ruins when la Sabranenque decided to save it. Thousands of volunteers over the years have given their time and good-will to restore and enhance this historic cultural site.

This great participation of volunteers has given life to the old village and has made it a place of simple beauty. This spot is unique for its natural beauty and space and for the efforts of many volunteers who have helped to rebuild it year after year. The major restoration is now complete but there remain structural vestiges to be exposed and secured, paths to be paved, and gardens to be maintained by people who share a simple convivial life.

For la Sabranenque the mission has been the same for decades: safeguarding the local cultural and architectural heritage and its natural, rural environment. The pursuit of this mission brings together the minds and efforts of people who value and practice volunteerism, sharing, meeting people, transmission of traditional knowledge, discovery and perfection of manual work skills, friendship, mixture of ages and nationalities, respect for others and for their environment, the pleasure of teamwork, and the pleasure of working to preserve beauty.

More information:

Stays of one week (or more) from Monday to Saturday, includes work project, lodging, and meals (price 360 US$/week)

The last week of each month we offer a different formula: no work project, lodging with breakfast only and with kitchen access (price 360US$/week) From June 6 until Sept. 24.